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Quality Control & Peace Of Mind
All of Our Lake District Cottages Are Inspected By Visit England

For greater peace of mind each of our Lake District Cottages has been inspected by Visit England, the official United Kingdom body for Quality Control in tourism, where they not only grade each of our holiday cottages but also check and read our descriptions ensuring that you, the guest, can make an informed decision in your Lakeland Holiday Cottage choice.

Visit England and Quality Assurance

Visit England is the organisation created on 1st April 2003 to market Britain to the rest of the world and England to the British.

Formed by the merger of the British Tourist Authority and the English Tourism Council, its mission is to build the value of tourism by creating world class destination brands and marketing campaigns.

As part of their role Visit England run a Quality Assurance scheme, whereby owners of self catering holiday homes can have their property assessed and awarded a quality star rating, this carried out by trained quality inspectors.

The awards are given as 1 star through to the highest award of 5 stars - The Lakeland Cottage Company only market properties that achieve a minimum 3 star rating.

It should be noted that holiday cottages and houses are marked on an overall percentage rating, this determining the number of stars awarded. This can mean a variation of quality within each rating. For example, one property may achieve the minimum percentile score to gain a 4 star award, whereas another may be only 1 percent below the required score to achieve a 5 star award. The percentage ratings, low to high, to achieve each award are listed below.

Inventory and Overall Quality - The Gold Award

The award is arrived on a number of factors including the inventory, the overall quality of the property in each area, its decor and furnishings, the grounds and management, including cleanliness and arrival procedure.

Where a property displays consistant high quality throughout it may, at the Inspectors discretion, be awarded the addition of a Gold status, and can be seen as being the best of the best in any given star catagory.

The Gold can be used in the case of a 'technical anomaly'. This is where a property may display high quality throughout and would have achieved a higher than given award but for a technicality. This can be the absence of a required item, eg, a washing machine, which would automaticaly class the property as 3 Star, no matter the quality of all other items, furnishings and decor. A further oddity in the VE rule book is that a property that locates its laundery facilities in an outbuilding may be excluded from achieving a 5 Star award, no matter the quality of all other items, furnishings and decor, however depending on the location there may be a possibility of a dispensation. 

To overcome these anomalies the inspector can indicate the overall high level of quality by using the addition of the Gold status.

A further important service of Visit England is that the inspector will have read our description of each self catering holiday cottage and viewd the images prior to visiting the property, agreeing it to be fair and accurate, neither misleading or omitting details, allowing you to make an informed decision when selecting a property.

The Pecentage Scores Required For Each Rating

3 Star - 60% to 74% (72% may initiate a Gold award)

4 Star - 75% to 86% (84% may initiate a Gold award)

5 Star - 87% to 100% (97% may initiate a Gold award)

Estimated Awards

Over the years we have gained a great insight into the VE awards scheme. As such we feel able to estimate an award for those properties awaiting inspection. Where we have done so the the award is follwed by the letters TBC - To Be Confirmed. We cannot make any warranties to the accuracy of our estimate, and it must be seen as guide based on the known ratings and comparisons with other properties that we already have a confirmed rating.


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