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Booking Information - Making A Reservation

The General Information below is to help you at the initial booking stage and will answer many frequent questions on choosing a property - how to check availability, reservation and booking, along with payment details, also sections on what you get, what to bring, the do and don'ts, cancellation and complaints.

This information also forms part of our Terms and Conditions of accepting a reservation, which as a guest you will be agreeing to and, in addition, you will also need to read and understand our full Terms and Conditions. If you require any help in understanding the terms, or how to proceed with your booking please do call.

Contractual Information 

The Lakeland Cottage Company (LCC) acts on behalf of Owners solely as a marketing, advertising, and bookings service.  It is not contractually responsible to the Hirer for their booking, their holiday contract is with the Owner, facilitated by LCC (the Agent).

By completing the booking form either on the website or via telephone and the LCC staff, and on receipt of a full confirmation from LCC following a payment being received by them, a binding contract is created between the Owner of the property and the Hirer named on the Booking Acknowledgement and subsequent confirmation.   For clarity, the booking contract is not between the Hirer and The Lakeland Cottage Company, responsibility for providing the accommodation as advertised lies solely with the property Owner.

We will only issue a confirmation on the understanding that you have read and understood the Terms and Conditions.

It is important to note -

Property owners who advertise on our website authorise LCC as their marketing, advertising and bookings agent to process reservations on their behalf.  To facilitate a reservation between owners and hirer we are authorised by the property owners to collect rentals on their behalf along with any other costs associated with the booking. An administration fee is charged by the Lakeland Cottage Company to the Hirer when a booking is made, this fee is retained by LCC.

Properties advertised for rent on the LCC website are annually assessed by Quality Assurance on behalf of Visit England who award a Star Rating. It is solely the Owner’s responsibility to ensure the property is maintained to the standard for the awarded rating as advertised on the LCC website, allowing for reasonable wear & tear throughout the year.

Choosing The Right Property For You

To be sure of choosing the most suitable property for your holiday you first need to consider your main requirements such as size, desired location and facilities.
The information panel on each property page will list the main details regarding the maximum occupancy, link to Google map, price per week and short break where applicable, along with any discounts being offered, also an inventory of the main items available at each cottage.

Along with this, each property page offers a description of the interior and setting, this written to convey the overall atmosphere as we see it, along with a little local information and useful links & contacts. Our photographic work employs photographic lighting and we style the rooms with those items guests often bring, such as food, candles and flowers.
To judge the overall quality of a property and to further help with your decision and confidence in your choice, all of our properties are annually inspected and graded by Visit England. It is their star award (as indicated on our website) that should be used to judge quality.  Each year, at this inspection, the VE inspector will award the property its Star Rating, also have viewed the marketing material produced for each property, both written and photographic, and approved it as being fair and accurate and any changes suggested will have been implemented. This material is also checked, approved and amended or supplied in part or in total by the owners of each individual property.

Please be aware, if you intend making reservations for multiple properties, whether all with us or with a variety of letting agencies, items of equipment and furnishings may not be moved between them.   Also, the maximum guest number for an individual property (indicated on our website) must not be exceeded as this will invalidate the Owner’s insurances. Further, the property must not be used as a meeting point for the entire party, this as the properties are not set-up for numbers in excess of the stated maximums.

Property Search

On our website Home Page and on every individual property page we have placed a convenient and easy to use ‘Search Availability’ box.   In this you can select the essential requirements, i.e. how many guests are to be accommodated, the duration and start date. One or two additional criteria may also be selected e.g. whether a property permits pets and/or has a Wi-Fi broadband connection to the internet. Having entered your details and clicked SEARCH, a listing will be displayed of all properties that match the criteria. The listing gives brief details from the property and the price for the dates indicated. By clicking on the + PROPERTY DETAILS link you will be taken from the summary page to the individual property page where full details are available.  Click ‘back’ to return to the summary page or, in the search availability box, just click ‘SEARCH’ again.

If you know the property name already and wish to check its availability, you can use the Search Availability box by using the Search By Property section which takes you straight to the property’s page.

Having selected one or a number of choices and prior to making your reservation, we would be delighted to discuss further with you their details and descriptions, and are happy to provide you with information which you feel is not covered clearly but which maybe important to your stay.
For more information on property details, descriptions and the Visit England quality award see below.

Old & Period Properties

If the accommodation is an old or period cottage, especially a traditional stone built Lakeland house then, due to the nature of the building, it may be prone to damp patches and/or condensation during wet or humid weather, which may leave marks or stains. As a general rule elderly, young, or those sensitive to humidity and damp should avoid such cottages especially in the wettest periods (e.g. winter and early spring). Please note also that old cottages can be prone to uneven floors and due to all the above a quicker wear on paint work and finishes as the holiday seasons progresses.


You will need to have checked the property is available by either going to its individual page or by using our Availability Search. You can also use the Availability Search for alternative properties and dates.

If the website shows a property is available you can book direct on line, using the secure booking form - This is an "htpps" page and is secure in transit. The card payment section transmits your card data direct to Verifone, our nominated secure Payment Service Provider, formerly known as Commidea. Card account information is not passed on to us by Verifone, simply confirmation that the transaction has either been successful or failed.
We will confirm, by e-mail or post if you specify, that the booking is accepted, this is normally by the next day.
The website availability is updated at least daily at the end of each working day - we accept bookings in the order they are received.

Arrival & Departure

The arrival time is 1600 and the property should be vacated by 1000 hours on the day of your departure. This is to allow for cleaning and preparation prior to the arrival of the next occupants. A few properties have a 1700 arrival and 1100 departure, this is noted on the directions page sent with your booking confirmation.

Week or Multiple Week Bookings

Bookings for weeks and multiple weeks, providing they commence on the correct property changeover day (Friday or Saturday as specified on the property page with Mondays possible in some instances, see search availability) can be made at any time via our on-line booking form or by calling the office.

Weekend & Mid Week Short Breaks & 10-Night Bookings

Weekend short breaks commence on Friday afternoon and end on Monday morning. 
Mid-week short breaks commence on Monday afternoon and end on Friday morning.
10-Night bookings commence on a Friday afternoon and end on a Monday morning

Excluding Christmas and New Year Weeks, Short Breaks are available after the October half-term holiday until the week prior to the Easter holiday. Many owners extend their short break season beyond this period and some permit them throughout the entire year.  You can identify Short Break availability by using the search availability box.  This is located on our home page and each property page.

Please note a few property Owners decline to accept short breaks - these are excluded in the search facility. 

Where you notice availability of days that do not conform to any of the above set periods, and you wish to book these odd dates, you will need to call the office staff as we have to confirm availability with the Owners.

Making A Reservation

Once you have established the property of your choice is available you may book by completing the secure on-line booking form or calling us with your holiday and payment details. Bookings are only accepted on the understanding that the Hirer has read and agrees to all conditions set out in the Terms and Conditions and the information in this page of the website.

If we complete the booking form for you it is understood that by accepting the full confirmation you will have had sight of and agreed to all of our Terms and Conditions of booking along with understanding and accepting all other information pertaining to your reservation. The full version of our Terms & Conditions is in the General Information section of the website.


Charges - Rental Prices - Extra Items - The Administration Fee - Credit Card Charges

Rental charges are shown in each property price guide. They are quoted by the week or the short break price where available, along with any discounts that are being offered and include full linen and towels and fuel for the principal source of heating the property. A minority of Owners reserve the right to make additional charges for principal heating of their property this will be clearly indicated on the individual property page.

Other rental charges - Some properties may have a dual price where occupancy is optional - For example a property may sleep 2 or 4 where there will be an extra bed charge for greater occupancy. Details will be on each property page.

The Administration Fee - We do charge an administration fee that is shown as a separate item on the booking form, currently this is £39 , however we reserve the right to vary this amount but will not apply any variation retrospectively.

Secure on line payment - Payments are processed both on-line and through contact with the office staff via a recognised secure Payment Service Provider, Verifone, formerly known as Commidea. Your card details are not stored by us when paying via our staff and, if you enter them using the secure on-line booking or payment page on our website, we do not even see these details.

Balance Payments - Where the booking process has been completed successfully an on-screen acknowledgement is displayed on your computer and an email acknowledgement sent.   Where payment is also acknowledged the email will include a link to the 'My Booking' page on our website.   Guests whose reservation is 'deposit-paid' will be able to access this facility by entering the appropriate security details and proceed to the payments page to settle the outstanding amount at any time up to the due date.

Please Note: Cheque payments are no longer accepted by LCC.

Damage Deposit - Damage Waver

Property Owners require either a Damage Deposit or, where available, a Damage Waiver to be paid prior to the holiday commencement, the amounts vary with different properties and will be indicated on the booking form.  If the reservation is made more than 6 weeks prior to arrival date the Hirer can opt to pay the damage deposit or damage deposit waiver at any time up to and no later than the 6-week date.   If the reservation is made within 6 weeks of the arrival date the damage deposit or damage deposit waiver must be paid immediately. These choices are indicated on the booking form.   Payment may be made either by debit/credit card using the secure on-line facility or by telephoning our office to provide details.

The Damage Deposit is refundable provided the Owner does not make a claim, the Damage Waiver fee is a non-refundable option covering the Hirer up to the value indicated for the Damage Deposit. Should any costs be incurred that exceed the refundable damage deposit value the Hirer agrees to, and will be liable for, paying these further amounts in full on written request. The Hirer remains liable for the excess amount regardless of whether Damage Deposit or the Damage Deposit Waiver fee has been selected and paid. NB: The Damage Deposit Waiver only covers the Hirer for accidental damage, it does not cover the Hirer when the Owner makes a claim due to either malicious damage or inappropriate use of the property, its fixtures, fitting or contents by either the Hirer or other guests using the property during the contracted period.

Where no claim is made the Damage Deposit value will be refunded in-full 10 days after the Hirer’s departure.

Where a claim is made the owner, at their sole discretion, may utilise some or all of the damage deposit to cover any damage, breakages or cost of additional time spent cleaning where a property is not left in a reasonable state – please see full Terms and Conditions.  The Owner is required to contact the Hirer explaining the reason.  If only part of the damage deposit amount is claimed the remainder will be refunded to the Hirer 10 days after the Hirer's departure.

Please note that the Hirer is responsible for any and all damage and should this exceed the amount of the Damage Deposit the Owner is entitled to full reparation of any costs he or she may incur.

Payment - Deposits - Balances & Full Amounts

Payment by debit or credit card may be made securely on-line, or by telephoning the office.   In exceptional circumstances, and only by prior arrangement with LCC, payment by direct bank transfer or international money order transfer may be permitted. Please note we do not accept payment by cheque.

Deposits - If you are booking more than 6 weeks in advance of your arrival date your initial payment may be a deposit of one third of the total rental plus the administration fee. The rental balance and fees for any other items or services you may require during your holiday (as indicated in the 'Additional Items' section of the completed booking form) may be paid at any time up to but no later than 6 weeks prior to your arrival date. Additional items requested (by you) will be indicated on your Booking Confirmation.

Payment in Full - You may choose to pay in full when making your reservation more than 6 weeks in advance of your arrival date. Full payment is however a requirement when making a booking less than 6 weeks before your arrival date. This includes the full rental, administration fee and all amounts for additional items, along with the damage deposit or damage waver.

Balance Payments - Payment of all outstanding charges (including any additional items ordered and the Damage Deposit or Damage Waver) is required no later than six weeks prior to you holiday commencement date.

On-line Balance Payments - The initial booking acknowledgement email sent to the Hirer will include a link to a secure personalised payment page wherein the Hirer may, at any stage up to but no later than 6 weeks prior to the arrival date, pay the balance due on their holiday. Thereafter, if a balance is still outstanding it becomes 'overdue' and must be paid immediately. 

If you have any difficulties or queries regarding payment, or any other aspect of your holiday please call 015395 38180.


Due to FSA rules LCC is unable to provide or sell cancellation insurance. We strongly recommend guests seek some form of cancellation and or travel cover as cancelation of the holiday will mean loss of either deposit or the full amount, if paid. Further, where the holiday is not fully paid, depending on the time a cancellation is made the holidaymaker may well be liable for any balance due - please see Terms and Conditions. You should be sure that any insurance taken covers all eventualities including travel and road conditions as owners are not liable for circumstances that may prevent you accessing the property.


Please be sure to read and understand our full cancellation policy- see Terms and Conditions, also note due to FSA rulings we must ask you to source your own cancellation insurance where required.

Although not mandatory as part of our bookings terms and conditions, we do advise guests seek some form of cancellation cover and or travel policy, which will at least cover them for the total value of the holiday rental, plus any other purchases made via The Lakeland Cottage Company. You should be sure that any cover taken covers all eventualities including travel and road conditions as Owners are not liable for any circumstances that may prevent you from coming to or accessing the property, including travel and weather conditions. 

Additional Items - Logs & Coal - Nursery Equipment

Additional bookable items are listed in the individual property's inventory and price guide in addition to the on-line booking form. These must be ordered at the time of booking as items may not be available at short notice. Some properties are unable to provide all or some of these items. You will see on the property booking form items that are available, the quantity and any charge where applicable. Where fuel for open fires or stoves is not bookable it may be obtained from garages, supermarkets etc.

Refunds & Cancellations – Additional Items

Should any additional item, which has been booked & paid for via LCC, become unavailable or have to be cancelled, LCC will only be liable to refund any amounts paid in advance directly to them that have not already been passed over to the Owner.  Where monies have been paid over to the Owner it is their responsibility to make the refund.

If you need to amend your reservation to cancel any additional items, provided there is still time to notify the Owner or their Local Representative, we will cancel them on your behalf, refund of charges will be as above.

Please Note: On any refunds or returns to a credit card the originally incurred surcharge is not recoverable.

Preparation of your holiday home

Either the Owner or their local representative will have cleaned and prepared your holiday home with all beds made up. This includes bed linen and towels and any additional items reserved in advance having been attended to. For your own peace of mind we require that cot linen and bedding is brought from your own home.

If you find an item to be deficient or have cause for concern relating to any aspect of the property; its preparation and presentation, equipment, etc. it is essential you bring these to the immediate attention of the Owner or their local representative whose details are included in your booking confirmation.  If you are unable to contact them do please call our office and we will endeavor to assist.

It is important to note that any deficiencies are notified whilst you are in residence at the property, rather than on returning home, as this affords an opportunity for the Owner to have them sorted with minimal disruption to your holiday. Any notifications after your holiday has ended cannot be considered in relation to a request for compensation.

Furnishings, kitchen equipment & heating

All of our properties are equipped to at least a three star standard. This ensures you will find the kitchen equipped to self-cater adequately, including cooking facility, refrigerator, kettle and ironing facilities, also each property will have a colour television. Fuel for the principal source of heating is included in the rental price, supplementary fuel for either a log-burning stove or open fire are, where available, usually chargeable extras. Owners do ask guests to be Eco friendly and not leave lights blazing or put the heating on 24/7 and at an excessively high temperature - especially when out.
 Many of our properties now offer Wi-Fi broadband for internet access and offer a far more extensive list of extras, including such items as stereo, video, DVD and such extra luxuries as whirlpool baths and even a sauna or hot tub.

Coal & Logs

Some owners supply free logs and or coal - either all year or part of the year, others make a charge or have an honesty box system and finally where no provision is made by owners their property page indicates you should obtain these items locally. Please check the individual property details for availability and cost.

Many of the services such as coal, logs are subject to third party availability. Should any ordered service such as fuel, fireguard etc., not be delivered, become unavailable or have to be cancelled we will only be liable for and offer a refund of any amounts paid in advance directly to ourselves.

Nursery Equipment

Some individual properties supply a limited number of nursery equipment items, such as cots and high chairs, these either free or as chargeable extras, the maximum bookable number is indicated on the property page price guide. Before requesting or ordering and paying for these items, please check the individual property details for availability. In some cases nursery equipment may not be available and you will need to provide your own.
Please note: Linen and bedding are not supplied for cots as each individual has personal preferences for their infant - therefore you will need to bring this with you including sheets, pillows and blankets or duvets.

Things to Bring with You

We recommend you assume there will be no consumables or cleaning materials left at the property, you need to include with your provisions such items as washing up liquid or dishwasher tablets/powder, and firelighters for an open fire.

Finding your way to the Property - Keys 

Each property has a link to a Google Map. Written directions are sent together with the location for the entrance key once final payment has been received from you. Most properties have a coded key box or a key located elsewhere at the property.

Where a key has to be posted-out, this will be dispatched to you about one week before your arrival.   If for some reason your key has not arrived by the time of your departure or you are leaving home early please inform us and we will make other arrangements.
 Alternative arrangements are made for overseas guests requiring a key which is normally posted-out - please contact the office.

Property Unready

Should we have been notified your property will not be ready for the published arrival time due for instance to, discovery of an unreported fault, problems caused by the previous guest or difficulty in getting a cleaning team to the property, we will do all we can to assist gaining entry as soon as possible, but will not be liable for compensation.


In order to prepare a property for the next guest we must ask you depart at the published time. Please ensure that on your departure you leave the home in a tidy condition as per terms and conditions, furniture put back if moved, rubbish out, washing up done/dishwasher emptied and any sign of your pet cleaned up, both in the house and the surrounding gardens. Further if you have discovered any faults or failures please report these before departure, better report them at the time of discovery, allowing the owner to effect a speedy remedy.

Visitors with Mobility Difficulties or Special Needs

Some of our properties may be suitable for visitors with mobility difficulties and even designed to offer a greater degree of freedom. If you or a member of your party has mobility difficulties or other special requirements we suggest you contact us to discuss these as it may be possible to make arrangements to assist you thus opening your holiday options. Where provided by the Owner, an access statement can be viewed by clicking on the link at the end of the property page.


In some properties pets are welcome, some Owners make a supplementary charge, this is shown in the individual property details. In all cases you must inform us of any pets you wish to bring and they must not be left unaccompanied and able to roam free in the property or its grounds. You must restrict your pet to common areas - not in bedrooms, nor on furniture. On departure there must be no evidence of the pet, either inside the property or gardens - please POOP SCOOP. No nuisance or annoyance is to be caused to neighbours. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in immediate termination of your holiday without refund. Any permanent damage caused by a pet e.g. extra cleaning, or repair/replacement of damaged items will incur a charge payable in full or part.  See Damage Deposit and Damage Deposit Waiver section for details.

Where a property states no pets are allowed you must on no account bring one to the property or its grounds. By doing so the Owner reserves the right to refuse access and terminate the reservation without any refund.

Where a property states no pets are allowed it should be noted that this does not exclude the owner or the owner’s personal friends or family from bringing their pets to the property.

Fireworks & Bonfires

If you wish to hold a firework display or bonfire you must clear this with us prior to booking - this activity is not suited to all properties and will not be allowed where there is livestock in surrounding fields.

Parties including Stag & Hen Celebrations

Our property Owners strictly refuse use of their homes for stag or hen parties and in some cases other celebrations. If your intended booking is for the above type of occasion, regardless of the party's make-up, you need to discuss this with us - failure to do so may result in your being turned away from a property.

Gardens, Equipment & Lake Access for Boats

Many properties have a garden for the use of the holidaymaker and details will be found in the individual property details. Where there is lakeside access, jetties or mooring, you must confirm with us your intention to bring any form of boat or sailing craft as restrictions may apply. Use of any garden facility such as barbecue, swings etc., is entirely at guests’ risk, further we cannot guarantee suitability (safety & security in particular) of a garden for use by either pets or children.

Garages, Cycle storage, Parking, Property Access

Parking facilities are noted in the individual property details. For holidaymakers bringing a caravan, boat or trailer, you must notify us to confirm available parking space. Where specific arrangements are available for storage of bicycles & similar items neither the Owner nor we, their agent, can be held liable for security of the item.  In some cases such storage may be shared between multiple properties under the same ownership.

Complaints Procedure

Whilst every care is taken to ensure complete satisfaction with your holiday home, in the unhappy event of you having cause for complaint please contact the appropriate person (see contact details in the property directions sheet) immediately so that the problem may be dealt with swiftly and not mar your holiday enjoyment. Any notifications received after your holiday has ended cannot be considered in relation to a request for compensation as, to raise a complaint at that stage does not give the Owner or their representative the opportunity to rectify the problem and minimise disruption to your holiday. Should a complaint remain unresolved you must address the complaint to the Owner but send it in the first instance via our office. The Lakeland Cottage Company is not liable for any refunds or compensation payments.

Terms & Conditions

It is important you read and understand the booking terms and conditions and in submitting a booking request it implies you agree to and will abide by them.

Visit England & the Awarded Star Rating

The role of Visit England is to independently assess the facilities and the overall quality of a property. Of equal importance, their inspector will have read our description prior to visiting the property, agreeing it to be fair and accurate, neither misleading or omitting details, allowing you to make an informed decision when selecting a property.
 Properties are rated under a star system of one to five stars. To be represented in our brochure or website a property must achieve at least three stars.

Office Hours

These are Monday - Friday 9.30am - 5.30pm, Saturday 10am - 5 pm. We do close on Bank Holidays and over Christmas and New Year Holidays, dates of opening will be published nearer the time. Out of office hours you may leave us a message on the answer machine and we will respond promptly, you can also email us using the ‘contact us’ link on our Web Site or using .  Our on line booking page is available at all times and the availability calendars are updated throughout each day.

Maintenance & Emergency Contact

Your direction sheet, which forms part of your booking confirmation, will give you the owners telephone number and tell you if they or a nominated representative is your maintenance and out of hours emergency contact. All other matters regarding your holiday should be made to The Lakeland Cottage Company Office during working hours.

Finally, we are here to help and advise, both at the booking stage and up to and during your holiday stay.


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