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Waterfall Cottage

Force Mill - Near Satterthwaite

Key Information


Star Rating:VE 4 Star Gold Award


Pets:No Pets

Other: Riverside Setting
Wi-Fi Broadband

Waterfall Cottage Access Statement

Waterfall Cottage, Force Mill Barn


This access statement does not contain personal opinions on the suitability of Waterfall Cottage

for those with access needs, but aims to describe accurately the facilities offered to all guests.


Waterfall Cottage is well-situated for those who wish to explore the Lake District yet

avoid the more crowded tourist areas. The Cottage is at beautiful Force Mills, by the

river, with a garden terrace overlooking the waterfalls. The quiet village of Satterthwaite

is three-quarters of a mile away.

Waterfall Cottage sleeps up to 4 guests and has two double bedrooms, one on the ground

floor with a step-free, level-entry ensuite which has a shower with a stepped tray (see

details below). The barn which houses Waterfall Cottage was built around 1880, but the

Cottage is a new, high-quality development, completed in May, 2012.


Force Mills is not on any local bus routes. The car journey from Hawkshead takes approx.

15 minutes; from Ulverston about 25 minutes along narrow (in places) country lanes.

The nearest food shopping is the Co-op in Hawkshead, or Booths Supermarket in

Ulverston. On-line shopping and delivery of goods to Waterfall Cottage is available

from both Asda and Tesco (see Guest Handbook).

Key collection and car parking

Waterfall Cottage will be open on your arrival, with your set of entrance keys left inside

the double glass doors at the rear of the property, or in the garden door at the side.

Car parking (2 cars max.) is off-road on the forecourt in front of the Barn near the river.

The forecourt is about 30 metres from the road. There are two entrances to the Cottage:

one is through the garden and up a flight of steps; the other, with nearly flat access through

double doors, is at the rear. Cars may be driven to within 3 metres of this suitable access

point, but must be returned for parking to the area at the front of the barn.

Areas are illuminated at night by timed lights.

Entrance to property

Double-door entrance at rear: there is a small 7cm riser which is part of the door frame.

The single door is 70cm wide; the double doors are 140cm wide. This is the entrance

advisable for wheelchair users.

The entrance lobby inside the double doors is slate flags, with natural and artificial light.

Garden door: 70cm wide, but up a flight of 5 stone steps with 25cm risers/30cm steps

and a landing platform in front of the door, approx. 100x140cm, and a handrail on the right

as the stairs are mounted, measuring approx 115cm high. There is no handrail to the left,

which overlooks a neighbour’s entrance path. The flooring inside this door is laminated wood.

Entrance lobby, passageway and stairs

The lobby, corridor, stairs and landing are well-lit. See below for stairs details.

From the double doors, entrance to the ground-floor accommodation is via a fire door and

a second doorway, both about 72cm wide, into a short passageway about 130cm wide by

400cm long. The passageway leads directly to the garden door mentioned above, but

guests will turn left through the 72cm wide door into the kitchen-diner.


A very spacious room with kitchen surfaces 75cm high.

The fridge part of the fridge-freezer is 90cm high and more.

The under-surface oven door drops down, and the induction hob is surface-inset above. There is

a dishwasher with a drop-down door. All kitchen cupboards are floor-level. The utensils drawer is

under the 75cm high worksurface. Some additional glasses and other utensils are located on

shelving, and may be moved to floor cupboards on request.

The 200 x 95cm table is 76cm high with wide spaces around and 6 moveable chairs. Additional

soft seating (2 club chairs) is available, and the floor covering is laminate in the kitchen area and

carpet in the dining/sitting area. Lighting is daylight and a choice of down, table and wall lights

Ground-floor bedroom

The bedroom door is 72cm wide, leading into a spacious double bedroom with king-size bed

(55cm high) and wall television. The floor covering is laminate with rugs. Lighting is natural

daylight and ceiling downlights plus bedside lamps.


The small ensuite is level-entry via a 65cm wide door, and 180cm x 250cm in area not counting

the shower or toilet, with a toilet recess of 75cm x 75cm. The shower entrance has a bifold door

with an access gap of 52cm. Lighting is overhead and mirror light. The handbasin is 76cm high.

Upper floor accommodation

Access to the upper floor is via a staircase with risers of 18cm and steps of 25cm. There are

3 steps to a half landing of 88 x 85cm, and 7 steps to the top landing of 93 x 280cm. The

handrail throughout is approx. 90cm high. Stairs and half landing are carpeted with a firmly

secured carpet runner. Top landing is solid oak.

Living room

Access is from the landing via two fire doors, both 72cm wide into a very spacious living area

with ample soft furnishings (two leather sofas, one imitation suede club chair) cushioning, a

40” flat-screen digital TV, remote, dvd player,coffee table and smaller occasional tables.

music centre and other items. Floor covering is solid oak with rugs.

Lighting is natural daylight and a variety of ceiling, wall and table lamps.

Walk-in shower and toilet

Flat access is via a 72cm wide door. The ensuite is 165 x 280cm, with a 79cm wide opening

to the walk-in shower. Floor and walls are tiled throughout. Downlights and mirror lighting

provide ample illumination. The handbasin is 77cm high.

Laundry area

The laundry area is an alcove containing a washing machine and tumble-dryer, immediately

through the fire door from the entrance lobby, to the left of the short corridor mentioned above.

The corridor has two ceiling lights.


The garden access is either via the flight of steps from the garden door, detailed above, or

from the barn forecourt, via the garden gate, 68cm wide, with a stone step 28cm high.

There is a further stone step 25cm high onto the garden seating area, where there is one

double garden bench.

River terrace

Access to the waterfall terrace is from the garden, via a short flag path, 55cm wide and 200cm

long, through a narrow (50cm) gap in the deep (100cm) stone wall. There is a step (25cm drop) to

the terrace, which is 240cm wide by 400cm long, surrounded by a small fence and with 2 double

benches and a low table approx 45cm high x 100cm long x 50cm wide. Guests should be aware

that the terrace overlooks a steep drop (approx 250cm) to the river and rocks, and is entirely

unsuitable for unsupervised small children and those with mobility difficulties, without assistance.

Additional information

Regrettably, dogs are not allowed. We have many requests from guests who suffer from

allergies and who require pet-free accommodation.

There is no mobile phone reception. The cottage has wi-fi, and emergency landline calls may

be made from any of the neighbouring properties, whose owners are friendly and co-operative.

The nearest Clinic is in Ulverston (25 minutes), the nearest hospital with A&E is Furness

General (50 minutes), and the nearest Doctor’s surgery is 20 minutes away in Haverthwaite.

Further detailed information is in the Welcome folder.