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Tent Lodge


Key Information

Sleeps:12 - Additional bed space in attic bedroom if required

Star Rating:VE 5 Star Gold Award


Pets:Pets - See Property Inventory

Other: Lakeside And Jetties
Wi-Fi Broadband

Tent Lodge Access Statement

Access statements for all properties at Tent Lodge.

As all our properties are as individual as our guests we recommend that you contact us directly for any information or detail you require that is pertinent to your needs and wants. For any guests who have specific questions or even more general enquiries we are very happy to discuss all aspects of our properties, including structure, location and access, in order that you are able to assess whether our accommodation will meet your needs. With direct discussion we are able to offer you more personal, accurate and complete information however if you prefer not to discuss your requirements over the telephone we are more than happy to answer your queries by e-mail or letter.