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  • Page 1 google ranking on the most important search terms.
  • Our unique marketing and professional photogrpahy is 2nd to none. 
  • 17% commision. This is a fixed rate that does not increase. It’s yours to keep.


At the Lakeland Cottage Company we are passionate about our owners holiday cottages. Our mantra is quality not quantity, where our marketing and presentation showcases only the best, and all that these unique holiday homes have to offer.

Be it a chic retreat for two, a spacious farmhouse for those family holidays, or maybe a Georgian villa with grounds sweeping down to a lake shore, perfect for reunion and celebration, each has the common theme of individuality and quality.

When our guests arrive at our website, the experience begins. Our image rich pages, our in depth guide to all that the Lake District has to offer, combine to capture the imagination, where the whole exudes pure quality, affording confidence in a guest choosing our owners holiday homes.

Our reservation process is ease itself, secure and immediate, available 24/7.

Our team of dedicated staff knows each property inside out, very able to fill in the details, along with the individual appeal of each unique home, recommending and matching guests to their dream property.

From booking to arrival, and on through their stay in our magnificent part of England, we are all here to support, advise and help our visitors make the most of their holiday, and maximise your income.

If you are currently marketing your home and feel a change may be good, or are thinking of investing in a holiday cottage, then we would be delighted to talk matters through with you.

For all the gen on marketing, income and costs involved read on.


For the twenty years we have been operating, now one of the longest single owned agencies in Cumbria, our mantra at the Lakeland Cottage Company has always been to seek and offer quality - not quantity. Investment to optimise each individual owners property, not just maximise our profit by any means possible - service not just self serving.

We understand how important owners of holiday cottages are to us having a successful business, that they are the bedrock of the company, where a partnership must be formed to achieve rewarding mutual benefits to both owner and ourselves.

We have achieved this by setting a maximum number and minimum standard to the properties that we represent, ensuring each property gets fair and good coverage, with the best marketing possible for the owners investment. Our limit is set to 150 properties, which is far less than most other agencies. Our belief is that there is a finite number of holiday homes that can successfully be marketed by one agent, this if they are to afford each individual owner a genuine personal service - hence size matters, matters to you the home owner not be just a number.

For your guests, our having separated the chaff from the wheat, they can be confident in whichever property they choose there is a tangible element of quality control.

For us, we actually get quite excited and proud of each property we represent, where you can see for yourself the time and skill invested in the image making, the written description, along with the pages highlighting the area in which your home is located. The many guest comments about our website, the individual properties and our guide to the Lake District is a welcome pat on the back.

Inovation - We are always looking for exciting ways to enhance our website and your property. Our recent projects include a test movie of the lake district, along with investing in a drone to carry out aerial photography and videos of properties. We hope to be able to start filming early 2016.



Our role is to market your property for you producing attractive, powerful images to show your efforts and the
attractions of your holiday home, presenting it in its best light through our web site.

To do this, and to meet our claims as a professional marketing company, we are bound and obliged to invest in both time and care as well as financially in web design, photography, social media and web presence. It is not enough to add a property, snap a few pictures and hope for the best. Your investment must pay and we believe we do all that is possible to achieve this mutual goal, investing to produce returns.

We hope that when you browse through our website and social media, you will see the difference between
ourselves and the many other marketing outlets.


We know our photography and graphic design is second to none - browse the site and judge for yourself.

We achieve this from our background in creative advertising whilst in London. For myself I was practicing advertising photographer commissioned by the leading advertising agencies, shooting pictures for clients such as BMW, The Times, Barclays Bank, Gucci, Phillip Morris, John Smith's and many more. Clare was for many years an Art Buyer and campaign manager in a number of leading advertising agencies, commissioning photgraphy, illustration and taking a campaign to print. As such we are used to working with and projecting quality products for the most prestigious forms of media.

With these skills we are more than capable of creating images akin to Homes & Gardens than the run of the mill snap shots as seen on many other sites. It is these images, graphic design and written descriptions, along with only having a select choice of holiday homes and a deep knowledge of each property that combine to maximise
rentals for those properties we represent.


Marketing has moved very much to the Internet. As such, we were one of the first local agencies to utilise Google ad-words and SEO ranking. The results have been impressive, placing us as truly in the world wide market,
Tincreasing not only our guests from the UK, but a significant and ever growing number from abroad.

It is vital that your property is seen, appearing in the best and most valuable places. Through our SEO company, wizards of Internet placement, we consistently hold a strong position on Google, backed up by a well placed Google Ad Words campaign.



For best economy, we work with and can put you in touch with a number of companies in south, central and north Lakeland, each who specialise and are equipped to deal with the management of holiday homes, both the preparation along with dealing with any out of hours problems that may occur. We have worked with these
companies for many years, where the owners and the holiday guests find them to be most satisfactory, helpful,
Tresponsible and economical, where you are only paying for the service without agency markup.

Local based owners often choose to work hands on, or perhaps oversee the management of their properties, for us this is the perfect situation and we very much welcome local based owners to our company.


Our marketing commission is highly competitive at 17% plus VAT and one of the lowest you will find. We can afford this as the homes we represent generate a healthy gross income. We recognise that this is derived in part from our marketing skills, in part the efforts and investment our owners place in their holiday homes, making our job easier. As such, a high gross turnover still affords us a most respectable income even at a competitive commission rate. To answer one often asked question, the commission rate is permanent, not and introductory offer.


There are only two fixed annual charges.

Registration Fee £150.00 per annum plus VAT. To stay trim we need a little help to be able to compete in the market place alongside our much larger competitors. This small per owner contribution, combines collectively to allow us to carry out projects and keep commission realistic and fair rates.

Visit Britain Annual Inspection- Price determined by VB (2016 rate £150.00 including VAT)

We utilise Visit England and star rating system to endorse the quality of your property. By having your property rated, a guest can be assured that what we say is true and accurate. We work very closely with the inspector who in turn understands what we are about and what we are trying to achieve - quality throughout. You can download the Visit England Quality Guide which gives the requirements for each star rating.

Visit England Quality and Standards Guide


We make payment by electronic transfer at the end of each month. At this time you will receive all deposits paid, any balances and or full amounts paid less our commission and any other disbursements as agreed.



Your investment can earn a considerable annual income. A call with a little bit about your property will allow us to give you some idea, once we have visited your home we can be far more accurate. For a guide to income for varying property sizes follow the Case Histories link below.

Income will depend very much on the quality of your property, this as important if not so more these days than simply the location. Many guests now seek out the quieter areas of the Lake District, such as the Cartmel Peninsula, Coniston and the Lyth Valley. This means that whether your property is in the better known areas such Ambleside and Grasmere, or set in one of the lesser known but increasingly popular areas, your income, with the best marketing, should be high and regular - and that is where we would like to come in.


We can only truly give an idea of income after we have visited your property, assess the attributes and compare it against existing properties in our portfolio to give a good idea of occupancy and net income; that is the money you will earn after commission and VAT.

There are many factors that can influence potential income but as a rule of thumb it is quality that counts first, then enhanced by other luxuries and conveniences such as Wi-Fi Broadband, whirlpool baths, saunas and the big
marketing tool, a garden spa.

As a rough guide we have illustrated some case histories below, showing both the highest and the average
incomes we are achieving for our owners, after commission and VAT has been deducted. As you will see a
property sleeping only 2 can earn net for its owner more than a property sleeping 4 or even 6 people. This is purely down to the quality and facilities these owners properties offer, where through our marketing and image making we have been able to showcase the special nature of these properties, achieving both high weekly
rentals and high occupancy numbers.


Property sleeping 9+ - Highest £59,000.00 net - Average £34,500.00 net - Both figures after commission and VAT


Property sleeping 8 - Highest £50,000.00 net - Average £28,000.00 net - Both figures after commission and VAT


Property sleeping 6 - Highest £31,000.00 net - Average £24,000.00 net - Both figures after commission and VAT


Property sleeping 4 - Highest £29,200.00 net - Average £22,000.00 net - Both figures after commission and VAT


Property sleeping 2 - Highest £27,000.00 net - Average £18,000.00 net - Both figures after commission and VAT

If you find these figures of interest we would be happy to guide you to those properties that illustrate the case
histories, from this you can compare your own property to see how it matches with these examples and get an early
indication of income. We would have to visit your home to give a more accurate estimate of projected income.




We do require owners to agree to and sign our contract. This protects all parties, you the owner, ourselves and the guest, where all the terms becoming a home owner and the conditions of booking your property are clearly set out.




Having read our information and should you be thinking a move might be a good idea for you, or you are about to invest in a holiday home we would be delighted to hear from you.

After some initial and informal chat, based on what you tell us, we can then arrange to meet you at your holiday home and give more accurate advice regarding income, and maybe a few ideas how to maximise the full potential of your property.

Having met and visited you at your holiday home and you are happy to join our select group of owners, we would set about getting your property up and running.

The process is quite simple and hassle free, where you can leave all the details to us.

The first stage is to arrange for photography. This normally takes a whole day in the property, where we would style, light and shoot all of the relevant rooms and exteriors. Following this comes a few days of post production, retouching the selected photographs, setting and writing your web page and posting to our web site, ready to take your guests.

It really is that simple.