Staying In A Lake District Cottage

Staying In A Lake District Cottage


Choosing The Right Home For You

Staying in a Lake District Cottage or holiday home is to stay in one of the most unique and magnificent areas of England.

Our role is to create an advertising platform for individual owners to present their properties. In our meet the team section we talked a little about ourselves, but the real heroes are each of the cottage and home owners, along with their preparation and management teams who together jointly do their very best to offer welcoming accommodation.

When you choose your holiday home you obviously need to consider the obvious essentials; size, number of bedrooms and any special requirements such as ground floor bathrooms.

Extras for you may be a hot tub, all en-suite bathrooms or simply a bit more space by choosing a home with more bedrooms than you need, but giving you extra space to spread out and relax.

Quality often reflects price. Each of the homes are annually inspected and rated by Visit England. Over half of the properties have a 4 Star Gold award or higher, the rest mostly a very respectable 4 Star award. For details on how the awards are reached, the in and outs and the quirks of the scheme go to our Visit England page, or VE website

Location may be a consideration, but do not let it be a hindrance. Most people know the names of Windermere, Bowness, Grasmere, Coniston and Keswick, but there is so much more to the Lake District than these few. Many of our clients have found the joys of Bouth, Newby Bridge, Calbeck in the north and perhaps our most beautiful village, Cartmel, a foodies heaven and a mere seven miles from Lake Windermere. 

Holiday homes are not hotels, each possessing an individually that reflects the owners taste, where each wants you to have a relaxing stay and to enjoy their property. However, please do remember they are only human, where if something goes wrong they will make every effort to correct the failing, but sometimes, just like your or my home, some things simply cannot be repaired or replaced instantly.

Let Us Help

If you are at all uncertain which cottage or home will be best for you then do contact us where our friendly team will be delighted to guide you through the finer points of each property.

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Each property is annualy inspected by Visit England, the official quality and standards authority.

The award is arrived on a number of factors including the inventory, the overall quality of the property in each area, its decor and furnishings, the grounds and management, including cleanliness and arrival procedure.

A further important service of Visit England is that the inspector will have read each description of each property and viewed the images prior to visiting the property, agreeing it to be fair and accurate, neither misleading or omitting details, allowing you to make an informed decision when selecting a property.

The Pecentage Scores Required For Each Rating

3 Star - 60% to 74% (72% may initiate a Gold award)

4 Star - 75% to 86% (84% may initiate a Gold award)

5 Star - 87% to 100% (97% may initiate a Gold award)



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