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Lake District Gets UNESCO Seal Of Approval

It has been 31 years in the planning and thousands of years in the making, but the Lake District National Park has finally been listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

That puts our beautiful National Park on a level with the Taj Mahal, the Great Wall of China and the ancient ruins at Machu Picchu, which is quite an impressive and exclusive club to belong to!

We’re the only British national park to gain this recognition, and the Lake District joins just 30 other sites in the UK and Overseas territories that have already made the list, including the Tower of London and Canterbury Cathedral.

An outstanding heritage

Of course, it’s not just the natural beauty of the park that impressed the committee; the Lakes can also lay claim to a rich history and heritage. The area is littered with ancient sites and stone circles that go back thousand of years, as well as plenty of evidence of the Roman occupation.

The stunning landscape has also inspired generations of artists and poets, including William Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Beatrix Potter. Just as important to honour and preserve, is the unique Lakeland way of life, with original hill farming traditions that stretch back generations.

So what does it mean?

Organisers hope that the international recognition will bring the beautiful Lake District to the attention of an even wider audience. By attracting visitors who have never enjoyed its fells and mountains, lakes and tarns before, it is hoped that we can add to our 18 million visitors per year, who spend around £1.2 billion and create around 18,000 jobs.

The award will also help preserve our park. UNESCO has recommended that conservation efforts be improved as part of the Park’s new status, ensuring the beauty of the lakes is preserved for years to come.

A delighted team

“The Lake District now becomes an international and global property,” said Steve Ratcliffe, Director of Sustainable Development at the Park. “We look forward to working with UNESCO and our communities to make sure this site inspires future generations around the world.”

So now you don’t have to travel around the world to experience a world heritage site in China, India or Peru, because you can experience one right here in the UK. At under three hours by direct train from the crowded centre of London to the open spaces of the Lakes, enjoying magnificent world heritage has never been easier.

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