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Clare Serginson - Founder & Partner 

Clare is the driving force of the Lakeland Cottage Company, a tireless worker, she organises both the day to day running of the business, along with annual events such as the Visit England inspections.

Born in London, Clare worked in the heady world of advertising as head of agency print and art buying, a role that required a vast knowledge of the creative, technical and monetary elements of a campaign, along with a mind that could juggle, cajole and organise to bring these elements together, on time, in budget and of high quality. 

She met John through work and in 1993, as young parents, decided to start a new life in Cumbria with the idea of creating a cottage agency of their own, one that had to be different and of a quality associated with much large corporations and high end product they were both used to dealing with.

Always full of ideas to improve both our owners and guests experience she is bursting with energy, dedicated to her business, her clients and their guests and, if there was one fault, it is that she is sometimes hard to keep up with. 







John Serginson - Founder & Partner 

John was born in Kent, where on leaving school his first career was in the Royal Navy, acquiring an insatiable appetite for travel and the new. On leaving the service he found a talent for photography, and after a few years of assisting some of the best names of the day, opened his own still life studio just off Oxford Street. The best commission he ever had was one that went a tad wrong, but was the one on which he first met Clare - the rest as they say is a happy history.

A self confessed walking jumble and ill-disposed to all things paperwork, his desk is the despair of the rest of the team, however when it comes to the properties, and with Clare’s art directing and styling, he sees each as a fresh challenge and still gets a thrill from a job well done.

Said to have a new thought a day, ideas do flood out, sometimes too many, but along with the company ethos of quality, John strongly believes a Lake District Holiday is a combination of both holiday home and the surrounding landscape. To that end he is constantly striving to market the area as much as the properties, with the next project to be a time lapse film hopefully encapsulating the very essence of this unique and precious part of the UK.






Annie Smethhurst

As with John and Clare, Annie is an escapee form the big city. Hailing from Manchester she worked for the likes of Mercedes Benz and local government before moving to Cumbria.

Her favourite things are her familiy, travel, good wine and her cat.

Annie joined the company in 2003. She had applied for a part time job helping to prepare cottages back in the day before owners took on the responsibility. At her interview Clare spotted something a bit special about Annie, declined her the job advertised, instead offering a position in the office, to join the then team and learn all aspects of the business - start date immediate.

Over the years Annie has become a real hit with callers, guests and home owners, always ready to listen and help she readly offers advice and guidance on all matters big and small.






Paul Roebuck

John and Clare first met Paul back in the days when they would weekend in the Lake District, where he was one of the managers at the Wordsworth Hotel. Over the many visits they became firm friends, meeting as much socially as through his role at the hotel.

Born in Cumbria, Paul has vast experience of the hotel industry, his career began in 1976 with a position at The Berkeley, one of the Savoy Group’s prestigious London hotels. Over the years Paul has held managerial positions in some of the finest hotels both in the UK and in Europe such as the Montreux Palace, Switzerland. 

For all his roaming, Paul is a Cumbrian at heart and it is the place he most loves and thinks of as home. In 2011 an opportunity arose for Paul to join the company as general manager, in charge of all things paperwork and IT, as with all the team he also helps guests and owners alike.





Florence Serginson

Florence is Clare and John’s youngest and, as she and Paul like to point out, one of the two real Cumbrians in the office, if you discount the dogs, Molly and Lola, and Toby the cat.

Flo has her parents creative streak with a particular interest in etching and printing. For one so young she has quite a wise head, happy to be starting at the bottom, learning the various aspects of the business. She likes very much helping people choosing the right home to suit their needs. With the advent of social media becoming very much a part of business marketing, she was the natural choice to handle this aspect, posting and tweeting all things interesting to our followers.





Molly, Toby and Lola

As much a part as the office as the humans, Toby the cat thinks he is king pin, roaming the desks, snoozing in boxes or laps and with a strange penchant for the Biro, which he constantly carries off and hides in obscure corners.

Molly, the spaniel is the gentle older lady, happy to snore and dream under any desk, whereas Lola is a gangly eating machine. In love with Toby she is highly protective of him and likes nothing better than to give him a good wash, especially when he comes in, wet and bedraggled from one of his daily adventures terrorising the bird life. With Lola, bags must be kept firmly closed, for where Toby loves a pen, Lola will have your snack before you can say YUM.





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