Our Lake District Guide

Lake District Guide 

Cumbria’s Lake District National Park is unique in England. Whereas much of the country is of low rolling hills, Cumbria’s bones were forged by an altogether more powerful and dramatic hand.

Volcano, earthquake, flood and ice, along with mans intervention has created one of the most beautiful and ancient landscapes on earth, with mountains, forests, valleys and lakes, all here to be explored, remembered and revisited.

Lakes and Mountains

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When I first came to the Lake District some 25 years ago as a visitor from London, I was awestruck by the diversity of the natural landscape. The reason for this first visit was to shoot a car advertisement, as in those days I was a professional advertising photographer in London. The experience left me wanting to see more where eventually, after many holidays, we upped sticks, changed career, all to come and live in this most beautiful corner of England.

Twenty five years on and we have seen a landscape lovingly preserved by the National Park Authority and the many voluntary organisations, all who devote their time to this special area. Along with this I have seen our towns and villages grow in diversity. From food to fashion, arts and culture, Cumbria has flourished, meeting both the needs of our visitors and it's local population, offering excellence in attractions, arts and entertainment, along with a great shopping and dining experience.


Towns and Villages


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With such diversity; landscape, history, activities and entertainment, I thought it would be a helpfull to publish a guide. Here you will find information and lots of images about our towns, villages, lakes and mountains, along with links to attractions, shopping and dining out. Along with this the wider Internet has pages of information on this area, not suprising as there is so much to describe. Our guide pages and property pages have lots of links to these external sources of information so do make use to enhance your holiday.

Walks and Days Out


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Adventure and Activities


The Lake District offers a wide breadth of activities and adventure. Free for all are the fells, mountains, forests and lakes where you can choose tracks and trails to suit all abilities.

Steam Boat trips are relativley inexpensive and sail on the four big lakes of Coniston, Windermere, Ullswater and Derwentwater, offering you a different view of the landscape. Hire boats are readiliy available, again on the four main lakes. Here you can rent canoes, rowing boats, sailing dinghies and my favourite, little motor boats.

The Exciting Stuff

You may want to try somthing a little out of the ordinary, something to get the adrenaline rushing, your heart racing or simply an activity you might never have thought of doing. We have gathered together a list of people, places and events that should satisfy the adventurous spirited visitors.

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For all info on the National Park and event and activities see the Lake District National Parks Website

Now all you need do is explore our guide and get some good ideas for your stay in one of our Lake District Cottages and Experience The Difference.



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Our Lake District Time Lapse Movie


Over the past few months my son Jack and his photographic partner Ollie have been working with time lapse equipment and drones to get their first movie of the Lake District. Click the play button and be immersed in some of the most wonderfull scenes of our magnificent landscape. Huge thanks to both lads along with helpers Aiden and Alice, aslo their musical friends Cam Robinson, Ramses B and Ste, who rushed out a great soundtrack at light speed. 

For more information on the National Park take a tour around our Lake District Guide

To see Ollie and Jack's work go to their website Ouze Photography


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